FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that tree removal can feel like an overwhelming process, especially if there are questions that you may have.

From knowing how to care for your trees to knowing when it’s time to remove them, our tree and stump removal specialists from Trierweiler Tree Service have compiled a list of answers to homeowners’ most frequently asked questions.

For more information about tree removal from the experts at Trierweiler Tree Service, please contact us here or call us directly at 269.953.5193.

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Yes, we carry full liability coverage for people and property.

Yes, you can count on our dedicated team to be there when the unexpected occurs with our 24/7 emergency tree services.

Our qualified tree specialists are praised by our customers for their dedication, hard work and cleanliness. Read more about our testimonials here.

Yes, you can count on our team to be respectful of your property and clean up after themselves once a job is completed.

Stump removal normally produces more wood shavings than most people would expect. You can choose to keep any excess wood chips to use as mulch or you can request that we remove any excess amount that is not needed to refill the hole.

We provide a variety of services for home and business owners. These include: tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding, storm damage, and Fall and Spring cleanup. Learn more about our services here.

A few ways you can prepare for our services is to clear access to your tree or stump so there is room for our vehicles and machinery as well as remove anything breakable from the surrounding area. For more specific instructions, feel free to call us at 269.953.5193.

Checks or cash is preferred.

On some larger jobs, we can sometimes discount the price. Please inquire before we begin the project.

Yes! If you have a tree or stump that you’d like removed from your home, please contact us here for a free estimate.

We recommend establishing a routine trimming schedule and staying aware of any changes in your tree’s health. To help make maintenance easier, consider investing in a quality tree specialist to ensure the health and safety of your trees.

DIY tree removal remains one of the most dangerous jobs a homeowner could do. Without the right equipment and experience, injury and even death can occur. Please always consult with a qualified tree removal specialist before removing a tree by yourself.

If your tree is hollow, rotting or showing signs of infection or infestation, then we recommend contacting an experienced tree removal specialist to cut the tree down. It is also a good idea to remove a tree that has dying branches or is in an unsafe location of your property.

There are several reasons homeowners opt to grind their tree stumps. Whether you notice signs of infestation or disease, it’s a hazard to your family or you simply don’t like the look of it, our experienced stump grinding specialists are ready to discuss your options.

The answer is ultimately up to you; however, many homeowners prefer to have their tree stumps grinded because it is more cost effective, cleaner and quicker to do. Tree removal is only preferred over stump grinding when the homeowner wishes to plant in the same location.

Stump grinding is a safe and effective way to remove a tree stump from your property. During this stump grinding process, a stump removal expert will use a grinding tool to chew away at your stump using sharp, rotating blades. After the stump is grinded, the wood debris is removed from your property or can be used as mulch for other gardening projects. Learn more about our stump grinding services here.

Yes. As long as we can access the stump with our equipment, we can remove it.