Fall and Spring Cleanup

Whether you need help with Spring clean-up or Winter prep, the team at Trierweiler Tree Service stands ready to lend a hand with their seasonal cleanup services.

In Michigan, Fall and Spring are often the messiest times of the year. Leaves, branches, twigs and old mulch combine to make the changing of the seasons stressful. That’s why our team has developed a quick and easy way to help you maintain your property — without you getting your hands dirty.

Not only are leaf-covered yards visually unappealing, but having a surplus of leaves can actually suffocate your lawn and prevent it from getting vital nutrients. Blocking your grass and flowers from natural sunlight, leaf piles can also be the perfect breeding ground for mold when they get wet from rain or snow. Using our Fall cleanup services, our team can make sure your yard is kept healthy by clearing your lawn of its fallen leaves in time for Winter.

In addition to ridding your yard of those pesky leaves — and the potential health risks that come with them — our seasonal cleanup crew can also help your lawn emerge from its Winter hibernation and get ready for Spring.

While rain is needed for gardens and flower growth, heavy rain and thunderstorms can litter your yard with broken branches and debris. Whether you need a quick refresh or a deep rejuvenation, our Spring cleanup services will help your yard look clean and presentable in no time. From picking up leaves to trimming and pulling weeds, our hardworking cleanup team is excited to help keep your lawn healthy and beautiful year round.

For more information about seasonal cleanup services from the experts at Trierweiler Tree Service, please contact us here or call us directly at 269.953.5193.